Australia – Tasmania

‘It is acknowledged even by all the rival colonies that of all the colonies, Tasmania is the prettiest. It may be said of the small island that, go where you will, the landscape that meets the eye is pleasing, whereas the reverse of this is certainly the rule on the Australian continent. And the climate of Tasmania is by far pleasanter than that of any part of the mainland… Everything in Tasmania is more English than is England herself.’
(Australia and New Zealand, by Anthony Trollope, 1873)

6 Tasmania Coast 1

4 Tasmania 4

7 Tasmania Coast 2 8 Tasmania Coast 3

Tasmania lies 130 miles southeast of Australia. When it was first visited by Europeans in 1642, Tasmania was occupied by 4,000 hunter-gatherers related to mainland Australians, but with the simplest technology of any recent people on Earth. Unlike mainland Aboriginal Australians, Tasmanians couldn’t start a fire.
-Jared Diamond

9 Tasmania Coast 4

10 Tasmania Coast 511 Tasmania Coast 6

The seamount region off Tasmania is a distinct geological feature not found elsewhere in the continental margin of Australia. It includes 70 submerged and extinct volcanoes in water between 1,000 and 2,000 meters deep on the continental slope and supports an incredibly diverse range of bottom-living plants and animals, many of which are new to science and not found anywhere else in the world,
– Robert Hill

13 Tasmania Coast 8 14 Tasmania Coast 9 15 Tasmania Coast 10From the squeaky white sand and lichen-splashed granite of the east coast to the bleak alpine plateaus of Cradle Mountain–Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania punches well above its weight when it comes to natural beauty. – Lonely Planet

16 Tasmania Coast 11 17 Tasmania Coast 12 18 Tasmania Coast 13

3 Tasmania 3 20 Tasmania Coast 15

21 Taz Devil

Tasmanian Devil

19 Tasmania Coast 14

Off to the Mainland


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