Australia – The Sunshine Coast

Balina SunriseThe Sunshine Coast stretches along the Coral Sea in Australia’s Queensland state., starting roughly 50 miles north of Brisbane. The area is famous for its unbelievably gorgeous beaches, surfing culture, eco-parks and nature reserves. We found a virtual treasure trove of sculpted sand dunes, mangrove forests and rivers, magnificent coastal scenery, rare birds, critters, and quaint towns and villages to explore and photograph.

128 Balina 2 copy

129 Balina 3 copy

Local Wildlife.

130 Balina 4 copy

131 Balina 5 copy

132 Balina 5A copy

133 Balina 6 copy

134 Balina 7 copy

Heading to Noosa!

Heading to Noosa!

More Sunshine Coast on the next post.




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