Banff, Alberta – Morraine Lake

One of the purest and most beautiful lakes in the world is located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Moraine Lake, which features turquoise water and a mountainous surrounding, is hidden in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Humming Bird 1 Humming Bird 2 Morraine Glacier 1 Morraine Glacier 2 Morraine Glacier 3 Morraine Lake 1 Morraine Lake 2 Morraine Lake 3 Morraine Lake 4 Morraine Lake 5 Morraine Lake 6 Morraine River 1 Morraine River 2 Morraine River 3 Morraine Rocks Mountain Face Mushroom

There are several trails around the lake that range from casual walks to more strenuous hikes. Due to bear activity some of the trails have seasonal restrictions to maximize safety. Hikers must travel in a tight group of four or more. Occasionally trails may be closed off completely. It is always best to check ahead with Parks Canada for the current trail conditions.

Rock Tree Rocky Crick


Without exaggeration, Morraine Lake is o­ne of the most tranquil places o­n Earth.
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